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Add us to your favorites

Add us to your Favorites by clicking on the Favorites tab on your computer, and then clicking on “Add To Favorites”. After we have been added to your Favorites all you have to do is click on your Favorites and choose Virtual Memorials Online from the list. Then click on us and you will go immediately to our website. To add your personal memorial to your favorites so that you can go immediately to it, go to your personal memorial on this site and then again click on the favorites tab on your computer and again click “Add To Favorites”. This will add your memorial page to your favorites list and when you click on this you will  be taken to your personal memorial page. If you need further help, please email us on our Contact Page and include your phone number if you would like a representative to call you, or call us at (702) 997-5473.

Recommendations for additions to your memorial

Pictures, video clips and music can be added to your memorial for that added loving touch. These can all be changed from time to time to reflect the holidays or season. New flowers, cards, poems, gifts etc., can be added on birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, and memorable days.

Add additional amenities

Additional amenities may be added to your memorial for an increased donation. The Memorials are donation based and the complexity of the memorial depends upon the amount of the donation. Memorials range from the very basic to fully customized pages displaying anything you desire. If you wish, we can contact you by email when additional amenities and services become available, as well as special promotions we offer.