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Pet Home Page

Welcome to the VirtualMemorialsOnline.Com Pet Homepage. Our website was created to soothe the grief of pet owners and HELP bring closure to the loss of their loving departed pets.  HELP, that’s our name, and we are a 501C3 non-profit, no-kill, no-cage animal shelter that has saved the lives of thousands of abandoned dogs and cats by adopting them into good homes and helped the public with their pet problems, while educating the public in the humane treatment of animals, but this economic crisis may force us to close down.

You don’t want thousands of animals to be killed, Right?  So we ask you in the name and memory of all the pets that you have ever loved to allow us to create for you at no-cost, no obligation a FREE online pet memorial. Hopefully, when you and your loved ones see the heartwarming memorial that our web designers have created you will want to  give a small, continuous, tax deductible  donation to save the lives of abandoned pets. Of course, whether you choose to  donate or not, if you give us your email address and phone number, the memorial will remain on-line for at least 30 days no cost, no obligation.

So we thank you in advance for the opportunity to memorialize your loving pets and we pray that you will donate to save the lives of the animals at our no-kill, no-cage HELP animal shelter.  All donations to HELP are tax deductible, so please call (725) 373-8360 if you require further information and please visit the HELP website at

We are proud and honored to be able to offer a place for your departed pets where they can be visited and viewed. An actual photograph of the pet can be posted for easy viewing by you, your family and friends so that your dear pet may never be forgotten. We will be pleased to name one of our pets in honor of your departed pet so that their name will live on. Photos, videos, audios, eulogies, music, and  almost anything that you desire may be included in the memorial to your departed pets.

We offer permanent custom memorials for a tax deductible  donation to HELP, as well as FREE memorials posted online for at least 30 days no cost (providing you give us your email address and phone number) for  all God’s creatures large and small on our virtual memorial website.

You will be able to say that your dearly departed pets are helping save the lives of homeless and abandoned animals. Their memory will live on forever not only on our website, but more importantly, in the hearts and minds of all associated with the animals that you have helped save through your generous gift of a virtual memorial to your beloved pets.

The animals and people at the HELP no-kill, no-cage, animal shelter thank you in advance for the love you have shown, not only to your departed pets, but also to unfortunate and abandoned animals that might have been killed had it not been for your allowing your departed pets to join our website. So let us all rejoice for the coming memorial that we will create together for your beloved pets.

Now the best news of all is that your departed pets can join our  website for any donation to HELP that you feel comfortable with. Some people might want to donate pennies a day and other dollars a day. Of course, the amount of your donation to HELP will determine the complexity of the memorial from a simple memorial to a lavish multi-paged memorial with full amenities, including, photos, videos, audios, eulogies and music. You determine what you want, desire, or can afford, and we promise you that your beloved pet will receive something that is truly special.

HELP accepts all major credit cards, debit cards, checks, money orders, Pay Pal and cash using the latest banking technologies to insure that all your transactions are confidential, safe, and secure. You can pay monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or yearly or in any manner that you desire. Our HELP Online representatives will discuss all options with you to make sure that you are satisfied. Most important of all, your tax deductible donation for your pet’s memorial will HELP save the lives of pets at our HELP no-kill, no-cage animal shelter.

Thank you in advance for your generous donation, and we wish you and your loved ones health, happiness, prosperity, and love, not only for your beloved departed pets, but also for the abandoned animals at our HELP animal shelter.