Movie Ticket Discounts

Movie Ticket Discounts


For a continuous monthly tax deductible donation to H.E.L.P. save abandoned pets (except for processing fees as noted below),

Any or All 40 $aving Certificates are Yours FREE!

Vacations, Cruises, Hotels, Rental Cars, Auto Repair, Food, Pharmacy, Gas, More!

This certificate is redeemable for an online movie discounts membership giving you up to 50% off regular box office prices at over 25,000 movie theaters around the globe. Depending on where you live, you can save up to $8 on the cost of a movie! And they NEVER expire. These make the perfect gifts for kids, adults, employees or just buy them for yourself to save on your next movie night. Tickets are good at any AMC, Regal, United Artist, Edward Theaters and more! You will have access to the movie discounts at an exclusive members only website. You simply access the members only area, select your state, choose the movie theater and purchase your tickets at up to 50% off. Never pay box office prices again!

  • Tickets are valid seven days a week
  • Tickets have no expiration date
  • Unlimited purchases
  • Easy to use

The cost to redeem this certificate to receive your Movie Discounts membership information is a one-time redemption fee of $10 for processing, postage and handling. You will receive their Movie Discounts membership information by mail within 1-3 weeks after redeeming the certificate. Simple redemption instructions are clearly printed on the certificate.

To get this certificate, click here, enter the password you have been given and click on the banner which matches the banner below.


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