Frequently Asked Questions

  1. WHY SHOULD YOU MAKE UP A MEMORIAL FOR YOUR DEPARTED LOVED ONES OR PETS?Below you will be able to count the many reasons why it is important that you erect a memorial  to your dearly departed, so let us begin with number 1) Unfortunately, there is little that we can do for our loved ones once they have passed on. Truthfully, about the only thing that we can do for them is to erect a memorial so that they can be remembered forever. Most of us find it very difficult because of our busy and hectic life style to even visit their gravesites. Now for the first time you will have an opportunity to visit them every day, and to see, hear and even converse with them through a personal custom made virtual memorial.
  2. IS IT WISE TO REMEMBER OUR DEPARTED LOVED ONES EVERY DAY OF OUR LIVES? Psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, and educators tell us that many of the problems that we face every day of our lives are caused by the grief and extreme sorrow we feel towards the loss of our departed. We must bring closure to our guilt feelings, even though the guilt is not deserved, and what better way to get rid  of the guilt than to erect a memorial to our departed loved ones.
  3. IS IT POSSIBLE TO GET RID OF SOME OF THE GRIEF WHEN WE LOSE OUR LOVED ONE BY ERECTING A VIRTUAL MEMORIAL FOR THEM? Most assuredly, we want to do so much for our loving departed, but we can’t, because they are dead, and we are grief stricken.  So when we memorialize them we feel so good about ourselves because we can finally do something for them. So please, memorialize your departed loved ones.
  4. WHY MAKE UP A VIRTUAL MEMORIAL NOW WHEN OUR DEPARTED HAVE ALREADY BEEN BURIED OR CREMATED FOR YEARS? Besides paying tribute to our departed, the most important reason is that we must show ourselves that we are kind, good-hearted, and compassionate, and that we still remember our loved ones that have passed to the other side.
  5. WHAT ARE THE TRUE BENEFITS OF A VIRTUAL MEMORIAL? We can go on all day telling you the benefits, but the most important reason is that it is the right and noble thing to do. Instead of spending our hard earned money on frivolous things we can for a donation show the world the person or pet that should be remembered. A memorial to our loved ones will show our children, family and friends the way that we wish to be remembered perhaps in the same manner that we memorialized our loved ones.
  6. WHAT IS THE TRUE VALUE OF A VIRTUAL MEMORIAL? It is priceless because you will feel so good about yourself, and you will literally be saving the lives of abandoned pets. You will be able to say that the memory of your departed loved one lives on in the hearts and minds the animals that you have saved.  In fact, if you desire we will name one of our pets in honor of your departed loved one so that his or her name will live on.
  7. WHY SHOULD I ERECT A MEMORIAL FOR MY PETS? Think of all the love that they have given you. Many of us have found that they have been the best friend and companion that we ever had, and would do anything for us if they had the chance. So how can we deprive them of a virtual memorial when in reality the memorial will enrich our lives and that of our children, family and friends.
  8. HOW MUCH  WILL THE VIRTUAL MEMORIAL COST FOR MY DEPARTED LOVED ONES? That’s the best news of all. It will be in the form of a donation to H.E.L.P. save animals and it will be only what you wish to donate and what you can afford. What’s more, it will be tax-deductible and will promote free or low cost spaying, neutering, vaccinations, etc. while assisting in the adoption of abandoned animals, and educating the public in the humane treatment of animals.
  9. WHAT WILL BE THE RESULT IF I DECIDE NOT TO ERECT A MEMORIAL TO MY LOVED ONES? Why put a guilt trip on yourself when it is so easy and inexpensive to do the right and noble thing by erecting a memorial for your loved ones that will be passed on from generation to generation showing why all our loving departed should be remembered. So just go ahead and do it right now.
  10. SHOULD YOU MAKE UP A LIVING VIRTUAL MEMORIAL ON OUR WEBSITE IF YOU ARE MAKING UP A LIVING WILL OR TRUST? That would be the wise and prudent thing to do because you can explain in detail how to divide, and what to do with your estate, and your family, and future generations will know your wishes, accomplishments, dreams, and life story, and your memory will live on forever.
  11. WHAT IS PROBABLY THE MOST IMPORTANT REASON FOR YOU TO ERECT A CUSTOM MEMORIAL FOR YOUR LOVING DEPARTED? The H.E.L.P. no-kill, no-cage humane charity needs and  accept all donations, including cars, boats, land, grants, legacies, and bequests. What better way to donate than to memorialize your loving departed, so that their memory will live on forever and you and your loved ones will be blessed forever for helping to save the lives of homeless and abandoned animals. We are awaiting your call, and even if you have no donation to give, if you give us your email address and phone number we will erect a FREE memorial for one of your departed loved ones for at least 30 days no cost, no obligation.  The animals and people at our shelter thank you in advance for the kindness that you are about to show them, and remember the more money you donate the more animals that we can save. Our representative will give you all the particulars about our free or custom made memorials, so email us at or call or text today, right now at (702) 997-5473.
  12. HOW CAN I GO ABOUT ERECTING A VIRTUAL MEMORIAL FOR MY LOVED ONES? Just call or text us today at (702) 997-5473 and a design specialist  will work with you to erect a virtual memorial on-line for your dearly departed that will have all the amenities that you desire. After it has been erected you will be able to say, “the memory of my loved ones literally has saved the lives of abandoned animals.”
  13. HOW CAN I FIND MY MEMORIAL AND/OR THIS SITE LATER? Add us to your Favorites by clicking on the Favorites tab on your computer, and then clicking on “Add To Favorites”. After we have been added to your Favorites all you have to do is click on your Favorites and choose Virtual Memorials Online from the list. Then click on us and you will go immediately to our website. To add your personal memorial to your favorites so that you can go immediately to it, go to your personal memorial on this site and then again click on the favorites tab on your computer and again click “Add To Favorites”. This will add your memorial page to your favorites list and when you click on this you will  be taken to your personal memorial page. If you need further help, please email us on our Contact Page and include your phone number if you would like a representative to call you, or call us at (702) 997-5473.
  14. WHAT ADDITIONS OR AMENITIES MAY I HAVE ON MY MEMORIAL? Pictures, video clips and music can be added to your memorial for that added loving touch. These can all be changed from time to time to reflect the holidays or season. New flowers, cards, poems, gifts etc., can be added on birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, and memorable days. Additional amenities may be added to your memorial for an increased donation. The Memorials are donation based and the complexity of the memorial depends upon the amount of the donation. Memorials range from the very basic to fully customized pages displaying anything you desire. If you wish, we can contact you by email when additional amenities and services become available, as well as special promotions we offer.

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For a free memorial to your departed loved ones or pets, email us at,  call or text us at (702) 997-5473 or click here to request a memorial from this website, or if  you cannot find the memorial you requested when you donated.

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