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Help Elevate Life For Pets

H.E.L.P. is a non-profit, no kill, no cage animal shelter.

We are located at 4008 N. Decatur Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89130 
(702) 624-9238.

The H.E.L.P. Animal Shelter was about to be CLOSED DOWN because of the current Economic Crisis, when a Generous Benefactor donated a very large amount of FREE Money Saving Coupons for You to Save Money and H.E.L.P. us Save abandoned dogs and cats.


There are over 40 real money-saving discount certificates for everyday needs, FREE to anyone who helps us via monthly donations to our cause. The use of these certificates will save the lives of many animals, andsave you real money on monthly expenses and purchases!


For a continuous monthly tax deductible donation to H.E.L.P. save abandoned pets (except for processing fees as noted) Any or All 40 $aving Certificates are Yours FREE!

Food, Gas, Pharmacy, Auto Repair, Vacations, Cruises, Hotels, Restaurants, More!

Click on the links below to learn more about each certificate offered!

3 Day Cruise $1000 Restaurant Savings
3 Day Family Getaway Attraction Discounts
3 Day Hotel Getaway Car Rental Discounts
4 Day Caribbean Getaway Choose Your Cruise Getaway
4 Day Cruise Cruise Discounts Membership
4 Day Florida Getaway Free Companion Cruise
4 Day Jamaica Getaway Free Companion Airfare
4 Day Las Vegas Getaway Choose Your Vacation
4 Day Mexico Getaway Airfare and Resort
5 Day Hawaii Getaway 2 Night Hotel/Round-Trip Airfare
5 Day Mexico Getaway Hotel Discounts
6 Day Cruise Restaurant Discounts
7 Night Resort Getaway Shopping Discounts
8 Day Cruise Multi-Vacation
8 Night Mexico Getaway Resort and Condo Discounts
$100 Gas Savings Movie Ticket Discounts
$500 Casino Benefits Tour and Activity Discounts
$500 Pharmacy Discounts Event Ticket Discounts
$1000 Auto Discounts Golf Discounts
$1000 Grocery Savings Golf Membership Discounts
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