Car Rental Discounts

Car Rental Discounts


For a continuous monthly tax deductible donation to H.E.L.P. save abandoned pets (except for processing fees as noted below),

Any or All 40 $aving Certificates are Yours FREE!

Vacations, Cruises, Hotels, Rental Cars, Auto Repair, Food, Pharmacy, Gas, More!

The certificate is redeemable for an online car rental discount membership giving up to 50% off at over 31,000 car rentals worldwide including every major airport. You will have access to the car rental discounts at an exclusive members only website. Simply call the reservation numbers listed in the members only area and give them the plan number to receive your discounts. Our car rental discounts have been negotiated and available only to registered members. The car rental discounts membership is valid for one year upon issuance. See the participating rental agencies below.

At the time of redeeming your certificate, you will be required to pay a $10 processing, postage and handling fee online at the certificate redemption website to receive your Car Rental Discounts Membership information. Simple redemption instructions are clearly printed on the certificate.

Car Rental Discount Providers

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