About Us

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HELP is our name and We are located at 4008 N. Decatur Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89130, tel. 725-373-8360.  HELP feeds, cares for and houses approximately 50 abandoned animals, mostly cats. HELP expenses are monumental and ongoing and we need your HELP in order to raise the necessary donations to save animals. So that is why we pray for your kindness, generosity, mercy, and love in the form of a donation to HELP by allowing your departed loved ones to be memorialized on our Virtual Memorial Online website.

HELP was established in 1984 as a licensed, tax-deductible, humane, 501C3, non-profit, no-kill, no-cage animal shelter, IRS charity # 88-0537386. They have literally saved the lives of thousands of homeless and abandoned animals by adopting them into good homes. Moreover, they have saved thousands more by matching people who want to find good homes for their pets with others who are looking to adopt good and healthy pets. They help society and animals in so many ways by promoting spaying and neutering, vaccinations, veterinary care, and by educating the public in the humane treatment of animals.

What sets HELP apart from most of the other animal shelters is that they are not only a no-kill, but also a no-cage animal shelter. Their animals can roam free on over half an acre in a huge indoor and outdoor facility rather than being placed in small cages. What’s more, the HELP workers literally labor with the sweat of their brow for donations, while helping the desperately poor dogs and cats who are usually turned away by many other animal shelters because of the expense involved in time, money and effort in helping them. It seems that HELP does not know how to say the word NO, instead they suffer to help the truly unfortunates of this world.

Seriously, if it were not for generous donors like you, they might be forced to close down and then thousands of abandoned and homeless dogs and cats might be killed. HELP also needs direct donations in the form of grants, legacies, and anything of value including automobiles, boats, land, furniture etc. So we ask you in the name and memory of all the animals that you have loved to donate to HELP by memorializing your loved ones on our website. Please click here to order a virtual memorial from Virtual Memorials Online for your dearly departed or order by calling or texting us today and not tomorrow at (702) 997-5473 because it is literally a matter of life and death to the animals.