$500 Pharmacy Discounts

$500 Pharmacy Discounts


For a continuous monthly tax deductible donation to H.E.L.P. save abandoned pets (except for processing fees as noted below),

Any or All 40 $aving Certificates are Yours FREE!

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This certificate is redeemable for a Pharmacy Discounts Book, providing the opportunity to order coupons for Non-Prescription (over-the-counter) products of your choice. In the Pharmacy Discounts Book there are (50) fifty $10.00 Non-Prescription (over-the-counter) Pharmaceutical Coupon Certificates. Each certificate may be redeemed for $10.00 worth of pre-clipped coupons from the pharmaceutical index listed in the book. Select from over 100 over-the-counter products and order the coupons as you need them. These manufacturers coupons represent cash savings to you. This offer is only available to United States residents. See the pharmacy products below.

The cost to redeem this certificate to receive a Pharmacy Discounts Book is a one-time redemption fee of $15 for processing, postage and handling. The customer will receive the Pharmacy Discounts Book by mail within 1-3 weeks after redeeming the certificate. Simple redemption instructions are clearly printed on the certificate.

Pharmacy Product List

Johnson & Johnson Band Aids Bayer – Arthritis
Curad Band Aids Bufferin – Regular
First Aid Tape – Any Bufferin – Extra Strength
Non-Stick Pads – Any Ecotrin
Cord-Aid Cream Excedrin Caplets
Cord-Aid Ointment Antibiotic Cream – Any Excedrin Tablets
Bengay Products Excedrin PM
Maalox Tablets Midol
Maalox Liquid Motrin IB
Mylanta Tablets Nuprin
Mylanta Liquid Tylenol – Caplets
Tums Regular Tylenol – Tablets
Tums Extra Strength Tylenol – Extra Strength
Pepto Bismol Tylenol – Gel Caps
Ex-Lax Tylenol – PM
Chocolate Perdiem – Regular Tylenol – Junior Strength
Perdiem – Fiber Tylenol – Children’s Liquid
Correctol Fiberall Tylenol – Children’s Chewables
Kaopectate Unisom
Imodium Ad Visine Products – Any
Benadryl – Any Antacids – Liquid Antacids – Tablets
Comtrex Acid Blockers – Any
Contact – Any Anti-Gas Meds – Any
Dristan – Caplets Senokot Laxative
Sudafed – Any Senokot Children’s Syrup
Triaminic – Liquid Hemorrhoid Meds – Any
Triaminic – Tablets Athlete’s Foot Meds – Any
Medi-Flu Caplets Murine Eye Products
Medi-Flu Liquid Cough Relief Adult – Any
Thera-Flu Dimetapp Cough Relief Children’s – Any
Nyquil – Any Dimetapp Renu Multi Purpose Solution
Robitussin Cough Syrup Children’s Chewable Vitamins – Any
Ludens Cough Drops Adult Multiple – Any
Hall’s Cough Drops Calcium Supplement – Any
Soothers Throat Lozenges Centrum Silver Vitamins
Lozengers – Any Bugs Bunny Vitamins
Advil One A Day Specialized Blend
Anacin- Caplets Ex-Lax
Anacin – Maximum Strength Milk of Magnesia
Anacin – Tablets Imodium Gas Aid
Ascriptin Bayer – Regular Centrum Performance
Bayer – Maximum Strength Tylenol Arthritis Pain
Bayer Select Products Fiber Con
Doan’s Pills Citrucel
Infants Pain Relief St. Josephs
Motrin – Children’s Desitin Diaper Rash Ointment – Any
Muscle Ache Rub – Any Boston Products
One a Day Vitamins Tavist Products
Flintstones Children’s Chewable Vitamins Aleve Cold & Sinus
Mylanta Aleve Rolaids


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